"Elizabeth Man " has been released for less than a week. It is modeled after the character "Elizabeth" that appears in the popular manga "Gintama", but it seems that many people are looking forward to its release because of its cute (?) Appearance.

But for you who can't wait another week (5 days to be exact)! Let's deliver "Elizabeth Man" made by "Gintama" fans.


This "Elizabeth Man" was created by Twitter user htmy ( @htmy_key ) who loves Gintama. Yellow beak with round eyes ... It's a very cute finish. The contents are "grain bean paste".

I heard that I remembered what I made a long time ago and posted it, but it looks very delicious. Quality that is a waste to eat!


Lawson's "Elizabeth Man" will be released on November 5th. The price is 160 yen. If you can't wait, you may want to add "Elizabeth Manzukuri" to your Golden Week holidays! The author, who does not have the technology, will quietly wait for the release.