"Elizabeth Man ", which is modeled after the character "Elizabeth" that appears in the popular manga "Gintama" by Hideaki Sorachi, will be released at Lawson on November 5th. The contents are "secret until the release date". Twitter has a campaign to predict the taste based on the tips that are updated weekly.

Three weeks after the product announcement on October 15th ... I have summarized the "Elizabeth Man's Contents Forecast" posted on Twitter.

After all, the contents are "Ossan" ...? (C) Hideaki Sorachi / Gintama Production Committee for the Movie
After all, the contents are "Ossan" ...? (C) Hideaki Sorachi / Gintama Production Committee for the Movie

● Week 1: Hint "Sakata Family Are"

The weekly hint, the first was "Sakata Family Are". Even if you say "that", there are various expectations from Twitter users.

The most common was "strawberry milk flavor". This is Gin's favorite "that". It tastes nice, doesn't it? It looks delicious.

In addition, there were many "rice flavors with eggs" and "sukombu flavors". Both are Kagura's favorite foods. Certainly, it is a famous (?) "Are" in the Sakata family ... I can't imagine the taste!

● Week 2: Hint "Winter tradition of the Sakata family"

The hint for the second week is "Winter tradition of the Sakata family". The season was more limited than "Sakata Family Are". Here, "strawberry milk flavor" disappears, and "sukiyaki flavor" and "tangerine flavor" appear.

The story of sukiyaki is a popular episode in TV anime. I remember the fierce battle over meat. Also, many people think that winter is a kotatsu, and kotatsu is a kagura that eats mandarin oranges.

● Week 3: Hint "Emperor ○ Leon"

Is this already decided as "that"? The hint for the third week is "Emperor Leon". I'd like to go straight to (?) "Napoleon", but if you see that there is only one ○, there will be only that story! The idea is the same. From this week, the number of people who expect "sukiyaki taste of pork" is increasing rapidly.

On the other hand, a small number of tweets of "Naporitan taste" were also seen. Ketchup taste? Is it with noodles? This also looks delicious.

● For those who have no hints ...

Now, let's take a look at the voices of everyone who are expecting with no hints. Among those who expected without looking at the hints on the campaign site, many sweets such as "custard flavor" and "anko" were seen. Some say, "Actually, there is nothing inside." I really want to believe that it isn't. There were surprisingly few people who posted "Ossan" ...

● Summary

Apparently, the most common expectation is "sukiyaki taste of pork" . Early people expect it to be "sukiyaki-flavored pork" from October 15th, when the campaign started. Moreover, everyone is checking the ingredient display on the campaign site carefully, and making advanced inferences such as "I thought it was strawberry milk, but since the raw material is pork, it's pork sukiyaki." Wow!

Such "Elizabeth Man" will be on sale from November 5th. While praying that there are some ingredients in it, I can't stop thinking, "The sukiyaki taste of pork looks delicious ...".