A French female nurse has launched a service to lend and breastfeed her breasts for gay male couples. We are looking for people who want to use the service on our online site.

The service is provided by an anonymous woman living in Paris, France. The site says:

"I am a 29 year old young mother in good health. We provide breast rental services for breastfeeding babies.

A couple of gay men do not have a chance to breastfeed their baby. But breast milk provides complete nutrition and can help your baby grow healthier. "

The rental fee for breasts is 20 euros (about 2,585 yen) per hour, which is quite high at 100 euros (about 12,900 yen) a day. However, if you rent it for a week, you will get a small discount of 500 euros (about 64,600 yen).

Rental calendar
Rental calendar

The service is available only to residents in the suburbs of Paris. It means that business trip services to Japan are not possible.