Takahashi Shuzo, the uniform sponsor of the professional soccer club "Roasso Kumamoto", which is a member of the J League, will release the authentic rice shochu "Shiratake Shiro Roasso Kumamoto Support Bottle 2013 Edition" (720ml (24.35us fl oz)) on September 2. Limited to the Kumamoto area, the price is 1,155 yen. Two types of special Kumamon neck ringers are included, one for each.

One of Takahashi Shuzo's standard products, "Shiratake Shiro," is a rice shochu that uses carefully selected highly refined rice and the clear groundwater of the Kuma River. By fermenting at low temperature using our own self-cultivated yeast, a refreshing scent and a soft and mellow taste are realized.

The "Special Kumamon Neck Ringer" that comes with this product is designed by Kumamon, who is also the sales manager of Kumamoto Prefecture, wearing red and white uniforms, respectively. It seems that the attachment of goods was decided from the desire to "support Roasso Kumamoto with the citizens of the prefecture".

A part of the sales of this product will be used to support Roasso Kumamoto.