French wine maker releases cola-flavored wine "Rouge Sucette (red lollipop)". Reported by the US media Los Angeles Times.

According to the media, the cola-flavored wine was developed by Hausmann Famille, a branch of winemaker Chateaux en Bordeaux. It was developed targeting young customers with the aim of stopping French people from leaving wine. "Rouge Sucette" is based on red wine and accounts for 75% of the total. Sugar, water and cola flavor are added to this.

The media quoted an article published by the British BBC News on March 26, 2013, stating that French people are no longer drinking wine than they used to be.

"The latest research confirms the situation that has been observed over the last few years. In France, the proportion of people who drink regular wine is declining sharply. People who drink wine almost every day In 1980, it accounted for nearly half of all adults, but now that percentage has dropped to 17%, while the percentage of French who never drink wine has doubled. Reached 38% "

The Rouge Sucette to be released this time is a beverage for young people who are particularly reluctant to drink wine. The price is set low so that even young people can buy it, and in France it is said that it will be sold for less than 400 yen in Japanese yen.

The makers want young people who are familiar with wine at Rouge Sucette to drink real wine afterwards.