The beer served at the store is delicious, isn't it? The fineness of the bubbles that can be produced because it is a beer server. I wish I could reproduce it at home ...
A tool that fulfills the dream of such a beer party has appeared! This is "Sonic Hour " released by Takara Tomy Arts on April 25th.
■ What is Sonic Hour?
What exactly is the Sonic Hour that makes the Beer Party's dream come true? This is a tool that creates bubbles in beer with ultrasonic vibrations. Just press the switch once or twice, and you can quickly create the "best foam" like a shop! Until now, everyone who was trying hard to make good bubbles by devising the angle of the glass. With Sonic Hour, you'll be free from that hassle!
Sonic Hour, which makes beer bubbles with ultrasonic vibration, will be released on April 25
Sonic Hour, which makes beer bubbles with ultrasonic vibration, will be released on April 25
■ "Sonic Hour", which is a hot topic in the United States. And the question that emerged there
That said, Sonic Hour is a device that uses the carbon dioxide contained in beer to create bubbles. Isn't this just making a savory beer? Actually, this sonic hour has attracted a lot of attention from the US media, but the following questions have been raised in the comment section.
"With Sonic Hour, the carbon dioxide in the beer will instantly spurt out as bubbles, which may taste the same as a poorly poured beer."
How about this? concern….
… And if you're curious, it's the eating editorial department that immediately takes action. In order to resolve my doubts, I visited the Sonic Hour experience event held by Takara Tomy Arts before the release.
■ Experience the finest bubbles of Sonic Hour for the first time at the experience meeting
I came to the Sonic Hour experience event held in Asakusa. At the venue, you can actually taste beer using Sonic Hour. Alright, I'll drink from daytime today! Takara Tomy Arts also prepares a lot of bottled beer.
The developer of Sonic Hour gave a demonstration by himself.
The developer of Sonic Hour gave a demonstration by himself.
First, gently pour the beer into a glass. At this stage, the point is not to make bubbles. It's Sonic Hour that makes bubbles. Then, pour water on the surface of the sonic hour and install a glass of beer so that the vibration of the ultrasonic waves can be easily transmitted. Press the switch once or twice to complete!
How to make the finest foam is easy
How to make the finest foam is easy
In no time, a thick foam was created. It's amazing, ultrasonic waves! The surface of the foam looks very smooth.

A fine, thick foam was created
A fine, thick foam was created
And what is your favorite taste? Yup! The texture and throat are very comfortable. This is exactly the taste of beer you drink at the store! If you can enjoy this kind of taste at home, you will be impressed!
■ Thorough elucidation of questions related to Sonic Hour
Now you know that Sonic Hour can make delicious bubbles. However, there are various questions such as "Isn't carbonic acid removed too much?" That's why I asked Takara Tomy Arts!
Q.1 Is there a concern that carbonic acid will be removed too much due to the formation of bubbles?
A.1 It's okay if you follow the method.
It seems that you can prevent the situation where too much carbonic acid is removed by observing "Pour gently into the glass" and "Press the switch up to twice".
In addition, I was told the facts of scales from my eyes. With Sonic Hour, carbonic acid is rather hard to get rid of! e? why?
The reason is that the thick foam acts as a "lid" for beer and prevents carbonic acid from escaping. So that's it. If this is the case, you will be able to enjoy the original taste of beer until the last bite. Good news for those who drink a glass.
I would also like to share with anyone who wrote a negative opinion on the US site that "carbonic acid will be lost"! Instead of removing too much carbonic acid, it becomes difficult to remove it !
Q.2 How is it different from the foam you make by pouring it yourself?
A.2 The smoothness of the foam is different.
I actually made a comparison. The one on the left is the one I poured to make bubbles. The one on the right uses Sonic Hour. As you can see, the size of the bubbles is different. And the drinking comfort of both is incomparable. The foam made by pouring disappears immediately and does not feel delicious. On the other hand, the foam of Sonic Hour is fluffy like a sponge and has a much better texture.
You can clearly see the difference in fineness of texture
You can clearly see the difference in fineness of texture
Q3 Can it be used for non-alcoholic beer?
A.3 Perfect for non-alcoholic beer!
In fact, Sonic Hour is an item that I want you to use for non-alcoholic beer! It is said that non-alcoholic beer is less likely to foam than beer due to the difference in ingredients. But if you use Sonic Hour, it's okay! If you can make a firm foam, you may get closer to the taste of beer and feel tipsy even with non-alcoholic drinks !?
■ Will Sonic Hour, which seems to be a big hit in Japan, spread overseas?
Sonic hour is attracting attention not only in Japan but also in the United States. Is there a possibility of a hit overseas?
I heard such an interesting story from Takara Tomy Arts. It seems that the emphasis on beer foam is a tendency peculiar to Japanese people. Overseas, there are many reactions that beer can be put in a glass = no foam space is required. Hmm. The negative opinion on the US site may have been rooted in the question, "Why stick to bubbles?" I think it's a waste not to know the deliciousness of bubbles, but this is also a cultural difference.
Anyway, I'm looking forward to having an evening drink at home this summer. Buy a case of beer and enjoy the finest bubbles to your heart's content!
Let's enjoy the finest bubbles at home this summer!
Let's enjoy the finest bubbles at home this summer!