Fujiya will release new products "Country Ma'am (NY Cheesecake)" and "Country Ma'am (Chocolate Sundae)" (5 pieces each) with the theme of "chilled and delicious sweets" for a limited time from March 12th. Sell. The price is 158 yen each.

This product is the second edition of COUNTRY MA'AM with the theme of "popular sweets in America", which is the origin of the image of COUNTRY MA'AM, following the American apple pie flavor and almond donut flavor released in November last year for a limited time.

"Country Ma'am (NY Cheesecake)" to be released this time is a country ma'am with the theme of New York cheesecake, a classic American sweet. Using 3 types of cheese "cream cheese, cheddar cheese, freeze-dried cheese", the image of New York cheesecake. It's creamy and rich, but the aftertaste is refreshing.

On the other hand, "Country Ma'am (Chocolate Sundae)", which has the image of cold and delicious chocolate sundae, uses fresh cream, almonds, chocolate chips and white chocolate chips from Hokkaido.

Both products are said to be able to enjoy the texture of cool cookies and crispy chocolate chips when eaten frozen. Try Country Ma'am, which is perfect for the coming season!