Otoko Mae Tofu Store will start selling the original tofu sweets "Chopper Tofu" designed by "Chopper" which is the character of the anime "One Piece".

Tofu sweets "chopper tofu"
Tofu sweets "chopper tofu"

"Chopper Tofu" is a tofu sweet that was developed with the image of the character "Chopper" that appears in the popular anime "One Piece". Among the many characters in One Piece, it was selected as a package character because it fits the product concept in that it likes sweets.

"Chopper Tofu" was developed as a tofu for sweets, not a regular tofu, because we want people who don't usually eat tofu to enjoy it while having fun. The tofu made from the ingredients carefully selected by the Otoko Tofu shop is said to be a tofu dessert that goes well with the attached black honey.

The tofu form design is an original drawing. The container is also an original package that reproduces the face of the chopper.

In addition to 200 grams of tofu, 30 grams of black honey and 10 grams of soybean flour are included. The price is 198 yen. From January 20th, it will be sold at supermarkets nationwide except in the Hokkaido area.