Kentucky Fried Chicken "Children's Day 9 Piece Barrel".

Kentucky Fried Chicken "Children's Day 9 Piece Barrel"

Kentucky Fried Chicken will sell "Children's Day 9 Piece Barrel" for four days only from May 3 to May 6.

Children's Day 9 Piece


The "Children's Day 9 Piece Barrel" is perfect for Children's Day on May 5. The barrel (KFC's unique barrel-shaped package) is filled with 9 pieces of "Original Chicken", a generous portion. It is perfect for enjoying with growing children.

Kentucky Fried Chicken "Children's Day 9 Piece Barrel".

Original Chicken" is seasoned with secret herbs and spices and deep-fried slowly in a pressure cooker. The 9-piece Original Chicken Barrel is priced at 2,290 yen, a savings of 500 yen compared to the stacked price of 2,790 yen (tax included, same as below).

The "Children's Day 9 Piece Barrel" can be purchased with any number of items for 390 yen each, including two "Potatoes (S)", two "Biscuits", two "Kernel Crispies", two "Choco Pies", or two "Coleslaw (S)". The "Potatoes," which are seasoned with just the right amount of salt to enhance the flavor of the "Original Chicken," are a perfect match for the "Children's Day 9 Piece Barrel.

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