KALDI's "Original Fan" present

KALDI Coffee Farm is running a campaign to give away an "Original Fan". In a refreshing mint green color, the "GOOD SUMMER (Gusama!)" characters are designed. characters are designed on it. The campaign is open to those who purchase coffee beans over a certain amount.

Original Fan Present

Starts on July 15. In this campaign, an "original fan" will be presented to customers who purchase coffee beans of 1,500 yen or more, including tax, per purchase at a KALDI store.

The "Original Fan" is a refreshing mint green with "GOOD SUMMER! The "Original Fan" is a cute design in a refreshing mint green with the characters of "GOOD SUMMER! It will be an excellent companion for your summer outings. Size is 7" (total length: approx. 21 cm). Materials are bamboo and polyester.

The gift is limited to the original coffee beans.
The original fan is not for sale.
This event will not be held during the half-price coffee sale period.
The contents and design of the gifts are subject to change.
The quantity is limited and will end when all the gifts are gone.