Starbucks "Setouchi Lemon Cake Frappuccino




" "Setouchi Lemon Cake Frappuccino"

Starbucks Coffee launched the "Tumbler Club" project on May 31 to encourage people to use their own tumblers. To commemorate the project, the "Setouchi Lemon Cake Frappuccino" will be available as the "Official Frappuccino of the Tumbler Club" from the same day (except at some stores). The "Reusable Cold Cup Green 473ml (15.99us fl oz)" is also available to start the tumbler habit easily. Various Tumbler Club events, such as "Welcome to the Club" and "Summer Camp," will also be held in succession.


Club "Tumbler Club" is a new participatory project proposed by Starbucks, in which members enjoy using their own tumblers together with their friends, just like in a club activity, to help create a sustainable future. The aim of the project is to make the use of My Tumbler more "fun," "casual," and "continuous. There is no need to "join the club" at all. All customers who use My Tumbler are welcomed as "TUMBLers," and a variety of club activities will be developed at Starbucks stores nationwide and in digital spaces such as apps and special web pages.

Starbucks "Tumbler Club"

Mugs, reusable cups, and non-Starbucks tumblers that customers bring in themselves are also eligible. Customers can use them whether they use them in the store or take them home. However, disposable cups, paper cups and cold cups provided by Starbucks, and mugs and glasses prepared by Starbucks for in-store use are not eligible.

Setouchi Lemon Cake


The "Setouchi Lemon Cake Frappuccino" is a refreshing lemon flavor and aroma. The "Lemon Cake", which was developed to pair well with the Frappuccino, is blended with milk and lemon peel sauce. The whipped cream is topped with lemon-flavored icing sauce and pearl sugar. The "crunchy" icing is the charm point of the lemon cake, and its mouth feel and flavor are expressed in the cake.

Starbucks "Setouchi Lemon Cake Frappuccino

The cake is also garnished with a crunchy freeze-dried lemon peel to accentuate the bitterness of the lemon zest. Setouchi lemons from the Setouchi region, which are known for their high sugar content and mild acidity, are used to make up 75% of the lemon ingredients.

Tall size only, priced at 678 yen (tax included, same below) to-go, 690 yen in-store. The service will end as soon as all the lemon juice is gone.

Less than 5% lemon pulp and juice.
The percentage of Setouchi lemons in the lemon ingredients used must be at least 75%.

Starbucks "Reusable Cold Cup Green 473ml (15.99us fl oz)

Starbucks "Reusable Cold Cup Green 473ml

The "Reusable Cold Cup Green 473ml (15.99us fl oz)" is a limited edition reusable cup with the logo on the tumbler. The cup is available in a variety of brightly colored Frappuccinos, including the "Setouchi Lemon Cake Frappuccino". It is priced at 440 yen. In addition to its playful visuals, the cup's affordable price and lightweight body make it an easy way to start a tumbler habit. The product will be discontinued as soon as it is gone.


Club "Welcome Event

Starbucks Tumbler Club "Welcome to Club" Event

To celebrate the launch of the Tumbler Club, a "Welcome to the Club Event" will be held until June 30. If you bring your own tumbler or mug, you will receive a 55 yen discount on the price of drinks, instead of the usual 22 yen discount.

Tumbler Club "Summer Camp

Starbucks Tumbler Club "Summer Camp".

A special web page will count the total number of My Tumbler drinks used at stores nationwide until June 30. If the total reaches 300,000, 500,000, or 700,000 cups, up to three gift programs that make tumbler use more enjoyable will be offered sequentially starting July 1. Details of the gift plans will be announced on July 1.

Tumbler Club "


Starbucks Tumbler Club "Club Room

Starbucks Rewards members will be able to enjoy the Tumbler Club's "Club Room" on the official Starbucks Japan mobile app, where they can grow their own "Beerista" according to the number of times they use their My Tumbler. A special calendar will also be available for members who use My Tumbler at least once a month to flip through the monthly cards.

This content is not limited to a certain period of time, but can be enjoyed on an ongoing basis.
To enjoy the club room and card contents, payment must be made with a Web-registered Starbucks card when using the tumbler.