New breads from FamilyMart

FamilyMart's New Breads to be Released on June 11

FamilyMart's new breads to be released on June 11 will be introduced here. The new breads include "Tsubuan Danish" and "Nama Croissant (Double Milk)".

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* Prices include tax
* May not be available at all stores or in all areas.



FamilyMart "Otsu-Amari Tsubuan Danish

A Danish pastry filled with tsubuan (sweet bean paste) and baked. Price: 118 yen.

White fresh coppepan (banana cream & whipped

FamilyMart "White Raw Copped Bread (Banana Cream & Whip)

Moist and chunky white coppepan to which fresh cream has been added, sandwiched between banana cream and milk whip. Price: 138 yen.

Fresh Croissant (Double Milk

FamilyMart "Fresh Croissant (Double Milk)

Moist and fluffy croissant with fresh cream, sandwiched between milk cream and milk whip. Priced at 145 yen.

Bacon & Egg Danish (3 pieces)

: 3 mini-sized Danish filled with sliced bacon and egg salad. Not available in Miyazaki and Kagoshima prefectures. Price: 238 yen.

FamilyMart "Bacon and Egg Danish 3pcs.

Chikuwa and Tuna Isobe Fried Bread

Chikuwa and Tuna Isobe Fried Bread

Bread sandwiched between tuna salad with chikuwa, Camembert cheese, and kakiage sauce, then deep-fried in tempura liquid with aosa seaweed, and cut in half. Price: 168 yen.

Juicy Mentshi Katsu Burger

FamilyMart "Juicy Menchi-Cutlet Burger

A juicy two-layer menchikatsu cutlet sandwiched between two buns with cabbage mayo and sauce. Price: 398 yen.

Teriyaki Chicken Egg Coppa

FamilyMart "Teriyaki chicken egg cobbler

Teriyaki-style seasoned chicken thigh meat sandwiched with egg pickle mayo sauce and green leaves. Not available in Tohoku (some areas), Miyazaki, and Kagoshima prefectures. Price: 338 yen.

Mixed Beef, Pork & Chicken Sandwich

FamilyMart "Mixed Beef, Pork & Chicken Sandwiches"

Three different combinations of pastrami beef & cream cheese & cheddar cheese, pork ham & pastrami pork, and teriyaki chicken & egg. This luxurious sandwich offers three kinds of meat: beef, pork, and chicken. The price is 398 yen.

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