FamilyMart "Lumande Vanilla Frappe

FamilyMart "L

emand Vanilla Frappe


Lemand Vanilla Frappe, a collaboration with Bourbon's very popular "Lemand" confectionery, has been on sale at FamilyMart since May 21. The price is 350 yen (tax included). Limited quantities.

Lemand Vanilla


As part of FamilyMart's ongoing efforts to "make it more delicious," one of its five keywords, "Lemand Vanilla Frappe" is now available from the "FAMIMA CAFE" frappe series made with coffee machine milk.

Bourbon's long-selling "Lemand" cookies, consisting of layers of crispy, light crepe dough wrapped in slightly sweet cocoa cream, have been a favorite of many since their launch in 1974, and this year marks the 50th anniversary of their launch.

FamilyMart "Lumande Vanilla Frappe

The new "Lemand Vanilla Frappe" is a frappe with two layers of elegantly sweet cocoa cream and vanilla shaved ice, topped with a thin crepe batter that resembles a Lemand. The chocolate chips are mixed in to create a frappe that not only tastes like Lemandos, but also has the texture of Lemandos. By tasting it with "Famimar Minil Mundo," which is currently on sale, you may discover a new taste of Lemandos.

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