McDonald's "Lucky Yellow Week"

"Lucky Yellow Week" will be held at McDonald's for two weeks from October 13th to 26th. All sizes of "Premium Roast Coffee (Hot)" are offered at a special price of 100 yen (all tax included).

Lucky yellow week

A very popular campaign that is held regularly every year. From this time, the campaign name will be newly titled "Lucky Yellow Week", and in addition to enjoying coffee at a good price, we will carry out a plan to make every day a little fun. During the period, "Premium Roast Coffee (Hot)" with regular price of S size 100 yen and M size 150 yen will be offered at a special price of 100 yen for all sizes.

McDonald's "Lucky Yellow Week"

* Ice is not applicable.
* Starts at 5 am on October 13th.
* Only when purchased separately. Set and combination menu drinks are not eligible.
* Delivery is not applicable.

The yellow-colored cup also has a feeling of good luck, and five types of marks such as the sun, moon, and heart convey a message of good luck. It is a production that makes you feel a little happy throughout the coffee time. * Some stores may offer coffee cups of different designs and colors.

McDonald's "Lucky Yellow Week" Coffee Cup

Premium roast coffee (hot)

A blend of beans from Colombia, Brazil, Guatemala, Peru and Nicaragua. A popular product that has been roasted deeply to increase the sense of concentration, resulting in a taste that suppresses the acidity that goes well with meals such as burgers. The balance of sweetness, sourness, and bitterness is adjusted, and changes in taste over time are suppressed.

McDonald's "Premium Roast Coffee (Hot)"