MUJI "3 kinds of soup curry


Curry 3 Kinds to Go on Sale in Hokkaido

MUJI has introduced three new soup curry products to its popular retort-pouch curry series. They will go on sale in Hokkaido, the birthplace of soup curry, from November 10, and will be available at MUJI stores nationwide and online from November 29. Each is priced at 490 yen (tax included).

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The new product is a soup curry that combines meat dashi (chicken and pork stock) and seafood dashi (kelp, dried sardines, etc.). By combining multiple spices such as cumin, cardamom, cloves, and chili peppers, which we have learned in India and Thailand, we have added depth and dimension to the flavor. The taste is unique to MUJI, which has researched the use of spices and sells a wide variety of retort curries.

Creamy soup curry with pork bone and Japanese soup stock

. The creamy soup is made with pork bone and chicken broth and Japanese seafood broth made from kelp, dried sardines, and bonito flakes. It is also accented with a fresh basil flavor. Ingredients include chicken, large cut potatoes, carrots, quail eggs, and young corn.

Cumin and Red Pepper Chicken Soup Curry with Cumin and Red Chili Peppers

The rich yet refreshing soup is made with chicken broth and kelp dashi. It is accented with the coolness of cumin and the spiciness of red pepper. Ingredients include pork belly, large cut potatoes, lotus root and carrots.

Spicy Soup Curry with Cardamom and Green Chili Peppers Making the Most of the Ingredients Spicy



based on chicken and kelp broth features a soup with a spicy aroma that is enhanced by the spices. The aroma of cardamom and the spiciness of green chili pepper accentuate the flavor. Ingredients include chicken, large cut potatoes, lotus root, carrots, and burdock root.

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