Matsunoya "3 kinds of topping curry"

"3 kinds of topping curry" will be on sale at Matsunoya Matsunoya. Sold from 3:00 pm on January 19th.

3 kinds of topping curry

A new companion appears at the Tonkatsu restaurant where the curry is delicious. Three types of toppings to choose from for "Matsunoya Curry", which has a rich and mild taste. The toppings you can choose are "genuine fried chicken", which uses ginger, garlic, and chicken soup and is carefully soaked in a special kneading sauce and fried crispy. There are three types of fried oysters and a large fried shrimp that you can enjoy the texture of sweet fried shrimp. A tartar sauce with pine nuts and special herbs is also included. Enjoy the harmony of delicious Matsunoya curry and 3 kinds of toppings.

Fried shrimp curry 790 yen (tax included, same below)
Kaki fry curry 790 yen Authentic fried curry 590 yen

Can be taken home. Take-out miso soup can be purchased separately for 60 yen. In addition, the tax-included price in the store and for take-out is the same.