Ministop "Onigiri" renewed

Ministop's "Onigiri

" lineup is getting a facelift. On September 12, seven standard hand-rolled onigiris and direct-rolled onigiris went on sale, and on September 19, three "dashimusubi" series onigiris cooked with kombu dashi (kelp dashi) went on sale.

The new onigiri were developed with a focus on all aspects of the onigiri, including the ingredients, the laver, and the cooked rice, with a "commitment to the region of origin," "cooking methods that make the most of the ingredients," and "seasoning that brings out the best of the ingredients. All the seaweed used for the hand-rolled onigiri is Ariake-grown.

In addition, the new "dashimusubi" series "dashimusubi domestic yuzu chirimen" cooked with dashi made from Hokkaido kombu (kelp) will be introduced as a new onigiri highlight.

New Ministop Onigiri on


hand-rolled rice ball "Beni Shake"

to be

released on September 12

Ministop "Temaki Onigiri Red Shake" (hand-rolled rice ball)

Priced at 172.80 yen (tax included, same as below).

Temaki Onigiri

Tuna Mayonnaise

Ministop "Temaki Onigiri Tuna Mayonnaise

Price: 135 yen.

Temaki Onigiri

Spicy cod roe

Ministop "Temaki Onigiri Spicy cod roe

Price: 172.80 yen.

Hand-rolled Onigiri

Negitoro (Negitoro with Wasabi

Ministop "Hand-rolled Onigiri Negitoro (with Wasabi)

Price: 162 yen.

Hand-rolled Onigiri


Ministop "Temaki Onigiri Makonbu" (hand-rolled rice ball)

Price: 135 yen.

Hand-rolled rice ball -

seared cod roe

Ministop "Temaki Onigiri Seared Grilled Tarako

Price: 172.80 yen.

New Ministop Onigiri

Dashimusubi Domestic Yuzu Chirimen (Yuzu Chirimen

) to be

released on September 19

Ministop "Dashimusubi Domestic Yuzu Chirimen

Rice ball with rice cooked in dashi made from Hokkaido kelp. The chirimen is made with shirasu (baby sardines) from the Seto Inland Sea. It is flavored with domestic yuzu (citrus fruit juice) to give it an elegant aroma. The price is 162 yen.

Dashimusubi Maitake Gohan (Maitake Mushroom Rice

Ministop "Dashimusubi Maitake Gohan" (Maitake Mushroom Gohan)

Rice ball cooked in dashi broth made from Hokkaido kelp. Fragrant maitake mushrooms, carrots, tenkasu, green onions, and scallions are mixed in. Price: 162 yen.


Ministop "Dashi-musubi

Rice ball cooked in dashi broth made from Hokkaido kelp. You can feel the deep and rich flavor of the broth. The price is 129.60 yen.

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