Aeon "Italian Pistachio Cannulé"

Aeon Original Sweets

A total of four original sweets using European ingredients, including "Italian Pistachio Canulé," "Napoleon Pie Style Parfait," "Victoria Cake Style Parfait," and "Chocolate and Coffee Cream Puffs," will be available at the Aeon chilled dessert section. They will be on sale from November 9 to November 13.

Italian pistachio canele:

A rich canele dough made with Hokkaido butter with a hint of rum is baked slowly and savory, topped with pistachio whipped cream and pistachio custard sauce, both of which are made with pistachio paste from Bronte, Sicily, Italy. The canele is topped with pistachio custard sauce and pistachio whipped cream. Priced at 278 yen (excluding tax, same as below).

Aeon "Italian Pistachio Cannulé"

Napoleon Pie Style

Parfait This parfait is inspired by Napoleon Pie (a gorgeous millefeuille decorated with strawberries), with sliced almonds and mini pies as toppings to enjoy the crispiness of the millefeuille. The middle layer of fiantine (thinly baked crepe dough) accents the texture, while the rich custard mousse and the sourness of the strawberry sauce give it a full-bodied flavor. Enjoy the flavorful taste of Europe on a long autumn evening. Priced at 238 yen.

Aeon "Napoleon Pie-Style Parfait"

Victoria Cake-Style

Parfait This parfait has a sponge in the middle layer, giving it the appearance of a shortcake with the accent of the sweet and sour taste of strawberries, and is inspired by the cake that Queen Victoria loved in 19th century England. It is a very familiar sweet with a simple structure, using plenty of cream and topped with strawberry dice to add an ingredient feel. The price is 238 yen.

Aeon "Victoria Cake Style Parfait"

Chocolate and Coffee

Cream Puff This cream puff combines cream with French chocolate and coffee cream. The cute illustration on the package is also a key point. The price is 98 yen.

Aeon "Chocolate and Coffee Cream Puffs"