LAWSON STORE100 "Melo Chocolat Roll

LAWSON STORE100 New Products for Mid-March

Here is a summary of the new products appearing at LAWSON STORE100 in mid-March. 16 items are lined up.

Yakisoba bread (supervised by Jimbocho Mikasa) Yakisoba

sandwiched between bread rolls under the supervision of "Jimbocho Yakisoba Mikasa," a yakisoba specialty restaurant. The spicy sauce is well mixed with the noodles and accented with ikatenkasu (fish cake) and red pickled ginger. Priced at 119 yen (tax included, same as below).

LAWSON STORE100 "Yakisoba bread (supervised by Mikasa Jimbocho)

Rice Burger Beef Yakiniku Mayo

: A generous amount of ingredients are sandwiched in a savory baked rice bun. The richly seasoned beef yakiniku sandwiched in a sweet and spicy sauce and rich mayonnaise is sure to whet your appetite. Price: 214 yen.

LAWSON STORE100 "Rice Burger Beef Yakiniku Mayo" and "Rice Burger Kaisen Kakiage".
Left: Beef yakiniku mayo, Right: Seafood kakiage

Rice Burger Kakiage Seafood Kakiage

(fried onions, shrimp, squid, edamame and carrots) topped with soy sauce-based sauce. Goes great with rice. Price: 194 yen.

Kimba-Style Sushi Rolls

Kimba-style sushi rolls (Korean-style sushi rolls flavored with sesame oil) with steamed chicken and namul. It is cut into pieces for easy eating and is recommended as a snack. The price is 333 yen.

LAWSON STORE100 "Kinpo-style sushi rolls

Nakamaki 2 Type Set (Negitoro and Salmon)

An assortment of two types of popular ingredients that can be enjoyed at the same time. Four medium rolls each of Negitoro and Salmon are included in the set. Price: 430 yen.

LAWSON STORE100 "Medium roll 2 kinds set (Negitoro and Salmon)



Torotaku maki (thick roll): Negitoro and takuan wrapped with negitoro and takuan. Price: 430 yen.

LAWSON STORE100 "Torotaku futomaki

Set of 4 fine rolls

: Easy-to-eat sized sushi rolls that add a touch of color to your meal. The set includes thin rolls of negitoro (tuna), squid, salmon, and crab meat. Price: 333 yen.

LAWSON STORE100 "Set of 4 fine rolls"


Roll Salmon with Wasabi Dressing/Spring Roll Shrimp with Sweet Chili Sauce

Crunchy vegetables and Japanese vermicelli wrapped in glutinous rice paper with a sauce to match each ingredient (two rolls of each). The fatty salmon is served with a refreshing wasabi dressing. The plump shrimp is served with a spicy sweet chili sauce that is both tangy and sweet. Priced at 268 yen.

LAWSON STORE100 "Fresh Spring Roll Salmon (Wasabi Dressing)/Spring Roll Shrimp (Sweet Chili Sauce)

Raisin French Toast

Mini raisin bread is French toasted and topped with granulated sugar. 4 pieces. Price: 119 yen.

Lawson Store 100 "Raisin French Toast"

Melo Chocolat Roll

Melon bread crust on slightly chocolate flavored bread, chocolate flavored whipped topping. Price: 119 yen.

LAWSON STORE100 "Melo Chocolat Roll

Nama Dorayaki (Tsubuan & Whipped

): Dorayaki sandwiched between


(sweet bean paste) and whipped cream. Whipped cream is made with fresh cream. The price is 108 yen.

LAWSON STORE100 "Nama Dorayaki (Tsubuan & Whip)


sale on March 16 (Thursday


one of

our all-time favorites

! Botamochi!

Botamochi is a one-hand snack made by skewering three pieces of botamochi in the style of dumplings on a skewer. This is one of our best efforts in pursuit of a heavy, satisfying, and delicious taste. The price is 108 yen.

LAWSON STORE100 "One of our best! Botamochi!"


Domyoji/Botamochi (tsubu/kinako)/Botamochi tsubuan

Assortment set of botamochi just in time for the far shore of Japan. Each set contains 2 pieces and is priced at 160 yen.

LAWSON STORE100 "Botamochi, Domyoji/Botamochi (tsubu/kinako)/Botamochi tsubuan