Mega Lifeguard" exclusively at FamilyMart

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ga Lifeguard" "Mega Lifeguard" will be on sale at FamilyMart stores from May 23 (except some stores). 2022, when it was first released, it was well received and many people wanted it to be re-released, which led to this reissue.


Lifeguard "Mega Lifeguard" is a special large-volume bottle of the long-selling "Lifeguard" super-life drink. The regular size Lifeguard (500 ml) has been increased by approximately 1.4 times to 700 ml. The price is 162 yen (tax included).

Mega Lifeguard" exclusively at FamilyMart

The Lifeguard design for 2023 has been redesigned with a new high-end color scheme, featuring a bright emerald green "LIFEGUARD" logo with a silver and pink fire. The cap design is even more impactful than in previous years.

Mega Lifeguard" exclusively at FamilyMart


"Lifeguard" is a "survival drink" that has been popular for 37 years since its launch in 1986. 7 vitamins, 7 amino acids, honey and royal jelly are added to this mild drink, which is popular among children and adults of all ages. It is popular among people of all ages, from children to adults. The eye-catching color of the liquid is the same as that of the vitamins, and no coloring agents are used.

When the product was launched 37 years ago, the "camouflage camouflage," which was rare for a soft drink, was incorporated into the packaging and became a topic of conversation. The new design is in guard camouflage. In addition, the LIFEGUARD logo and characters are newly drawn and changed every year in order to keep the playful spirit happy.