Mos Burger becomes a combined robot "Unitrobo Unit Mos Burger".
Unitrobo Unit Mossberg

Unitrobo Unit

Mos Bur

ger Mos Burger and Bandai have collaborated to create the "Unitrobo Unit Mos Burger" toy. Customers who purchase Bandai's "Unitro Bone" series toys for 2,000 yen or more will receive it. It will be available from April 22, 2023 at toy stores, department stores, and electronics retailers nationwide.

The "Unitro Bone"


series is based on the concept of combining and transforming everyday objects into robots by combining them in impossible combinations.

In this collaboration, the "Mos Burger" hamburger was made into a robot. The color of the bun is reproduced, and the design comes in a wrapping paper.

Mos Burger "Unitrobo Unit Mos Burger"
Design in paper wrapping

By playing with other toys in the UNITROBORN series, you can create a "Mos Burger Lobster" that combines a "Mos Burger" and a "Lobster" or a "Mos Burger Helicopter" that combines a "Mos Burger" and a "Helicopter".

Mos Burger "Unitrobo Unit Mos Burger"
The color of the buns, etc. is reproduced.

Please note that these are not food items. The campaign will end when the prizes run out. Some stores may not carry this campaign. Campaign contents and toy specifications are subject to change without notice.