Mos Burger "Set with Limited Plate [Cinnamoroll Plate]".

Mos Burger

"Cinnamoroll" Collaboration Set

Mos Burger will release "Limited Plate Set [Cinnamoroll Plate, Moschikin, Set Drink]" and "Pair Plate Set [Cinnamoroll Plate 2 kinds, Moschikin, Set Drink]" in collaboration with popular Sanrio character "Cinnamoroll" on November 16. Moschkin and set drink" will go on sale on November 16.

At the same time, "Cinnamoroll" collaboration toys will appear in sets for children and sets with low-allergen menus.

Set with

limited edition plate [Cinamoroll Plate

, Mos Chicken

, Set Drink]

The set includes an original plate with a Cinnamoroll design, Mos Chicken, and a drink. Priced at 1,200 yen (tax included, same below).

A choice of hot or cold drink (medium size) is available for the set. Drinks that require an additional charge for the set are not included.

There are two types of original plates: one with Cinnamon holding a Moscheese burger, and the other commemorating the company's 50th anniversary and Cinnamoroll's 20th anniversary. Either one is included. Material is porcelain, size is 196mm in diameter.

Mos Burger "Set with Limited Plate [Cinnamoroll Plate]".

Set with Pair Plates [2 Cinnamoroll Plates, Moschkin


Set Drink] A "Set with Pair Plates [2 Cinnamoroll Plates, Moschkin, Set Drink]" is also available to get both types of collaboration plates. The price is 1,910 yen.

The set with limited edition plates does not include a choice of plates. Plates are not sold individually.
Not available through Mosu's online ordering service.
Can be purchased without hamburgers.
Limited quantities available, will end as soon as they are gone.

Cinnamoroll collaboration toys

: Pass Case, Patapata Memo, Flying Disk, and Original Ballpoint Pen. Purchasing a set for target children or a set from the low-allergen menu, customers can choose one of their favorite toys. Cinnamoroll also appears on hamburger wrappers, paper bags, and other packaging materials.

Mos Burger "Cinnamoroll" collaboration toy
holder for a season ticket

Mos Burger "Cinnamoroll" collaboration toy
flap-pattern memo

Mos Burger "Cinnamoroll" collaboration toy
flying disc

Mos Burger "Cinnamoroll" collaboration toy
Original ballpoint pen

The toys you can choose from are subject to availability at the store. Collaboration toys will not be sold individually.

[Menu for collaboration toys]

Mos Wai Wai Set

"Burger, etc." + "French Fries S" + "Cold Drink S" or "Fruits and Vegetables" + "Toy". The burgers are gently seasoned without mustard or raw onions to suit children. Prices range from 530 yen to 650 yen.

Mos Burger "Wai Wai Mos Cheeseburger Set"
Wai Wai Mos Cheeseburger Set

Choice of "Wai Wai Mos Cheeseburger", "Wai Wai Burger", "Wai Wai Cheeseburger", or "Wai Wai Nugget".

Cold drinks for set drinks and Mos Shake S are also available for an additional 30 yen.

Low-allergen menu with a

drink and

a toy Set includes a "low-allergen menu" + either a "cold drink S" or a "fruit and vegetable" + a "toy". The Low Allergen Menu contains the 7 major allergenic ingredients (egg, milk, wheat, shrimp, crab, buckwheat, and peanut). The menu includes pork sandwiches (rice flour) and pork rolls (rice flour). The price is 580 yen.

Mos Burger "Pork Sandwich [Rice Flour] Set with Drink and Toy"
Pork sandwich [rice flour] set with drink and toy