McDonald's "Bacon Potato Pie"



s "Bacon Potato Pie"

McDonald's will again offer a very popular pie this year. Bacon Potato Pie" will be on sale from April 12 (Wed) until late May (except at some stores).

Bacon Potato


Since its first appearance in 1990, "Bacon Potato Pie" has become a popular pie with an increasing number of fans each time it is sold. This year's version is the same as last year's. The crispy pie is filled with bacon and potato.

The crispy pie is filled with a variety of ingredients, such as crispy potatoes, smoky bacon, and onions. The creamy, creamy filling made with milk is in perfect harmony with the texture of the flaky potato and the savory flavor of the bacon.

McDonald's "Bacon Potato Pie"

It is perfect for when you want to take a break from studying or work, or when you are hungry. Why not enjoy a casual moment of relaxation in the midst of your busy new life with Bacon Potato Pie?

Offered in limited quantity packages (while supplies last). This year, a total of 10 different packages are available under the theme of "things you haven't tried before but can make a quick debut. You will have to wait until you buy the package to find out which one you will get, such as "I tried a quick graduation trip" or "I tried a quick reunion". The design on the front is the same for all types. The design on the back is not selectable.

McDonald's "Bacon Potato Pie"

The in-store price is 170 yen and up (tax included). Prices differ at some stores and delivery service.