Lawson's new snack pie "GU-BO"

Lawson has released the "GU-BO" series of snack pies that are particular about texture, taste, and appearance. Meita cheese flavor, bacon potato flavor, and Mexican chorizo flavor will be released on March 31st. The price is 130 yen each (tax included).

Lawson has a large lineup of hot snacks made with chicken, such as "Karaage-kun" and "L Chiki". This time, we will release the "GU-BO" series as a new hot snack that is not chicken, aiming to become a new standard hot snack that can be enjoyed in various food scenes.

We are particular about the raw materials and formulations used so that we can maintain a crispy texture even if we wrap the rugged and chewy fillings, and we use original dough made by repeating trial production more than 100 times. By making the shape of the product elongated and providing it in a package, it is devised so that you can eat it without getting your hands dirty.

"Goobo Menta Cheese Flavor" is a sauce with cheese and spicy mentaiko. Macaroni and mushrooms are added, and it is wrapped in an original dough with a crispy texture.

Lawson's "Goobo Meita Cheese Flavor"

"Goobo bacon potato flavor" is a sauce with black pepper. Potatoes with a smooth texture and bacon cut to a chewy size are added.

Lawson's "Goobo Bacon Potato Flavor"

"Goobo Mexican Chorizo Flavor" is a spicy sauce of tomato paste. It also contains large cut sausages and peppers.

Lawson's "Goobo Mexican Chorizo Flavor"