Hattendo "Creamy bread style gummy


Cream Bread-Style Gummies

I found an interesting product at a convenience store! The name is "Hattendo Creamy Bread-Style Gummies. It's hard to imagine what these cream bread-flavored gummies taste like. ...... We actually bought some and tried them. The price is 140 yen per bag (tax included).

Creamy Bread Style


: Hattendo's "Creamy Bread" turned into gummies. It is made up of two layers, with a custard-flavored gummy inside. The shape is plump and the color is a beautiful yellow. It looks just like "Creamy Buns"!

Tasted "Hattendo Cream-Bread-Style Gummies
Hattendo Cream Bread-Style Gummies

The gummy is firm and elastic, and when you bite into it, a sweet custard-flavored gummy comes out from inside. At first, I twisted my head and thought, "Creamy bread ......? But as I chewed it more and more, I realized that it is ....... I felt like, "Oh, I know what you mean: ......." To be honest, the reproduction is very high.

To be honest, I don't think I can say that the reproduction is very high, but I am sure that it is a "Creamy bread style gummy". If the gummy inside was a little more jellied, it would be closer to the original. It is a taste that may differ according to taste, but those with a sweet tooth are likely to be addicted to it. Incidentally, a Hattendo fan in the En-Etsu editorial department said, "It's a taste that sticks with Hattendo lovers! I like it a lot! I like it a lot!

Hattendo Cream Bread-Style Gummies

And what caught my attention more than the taste was the aroma! When I looked up comments on social networking sites, I found that some people said, "This smell is like doggy pawpaw! I found out on social networking sites that some people said, "This smell is like doggy pawpaw! Indeed! Maybe it's close to that slightly savory aroma! It also feels like a pawpaw when you touch it. I was healed in an unexpected way.

Hattendo's "Creamy Buns Style Gummies" would make a good topic of conversation. Why don't you pick one up when you see one?