Lotte "Sou Melon Soda Float
Sou - melon soda float


Sou Melon

Soda Float

I tried Sou Melon Soda Float, a seasonal flavor of Lotte's Sou ice cream brand. It tastes like an "eating soda float" with the refreshing melon soda part made of crunchy fine ice and the smooth vanilla part complementing each other. The drink is 185 ml in volume and is priced at 172 yen (tax included).

Lotte "Sou Melon Soda Float
Vanilla and melon soda parts are swirled inside.


"Eating Soda

Float" flavor is a refreshing soda float with a crunchy

melon soda and

smooth vanilla flavor. The flavor is the first reissue in seven years of the series, which offers a crisp texture and refreshing aftertaste with fine ice cubes.

Lotte "Sou Melon Soda Float
Smooth & crunchy texture!

The green and white swirls have a sorbet-like texture in the melon soda portion and an icy mouth feel in the vanilla portion. Both contain Sou's characteristic crunchy ice cubes, but the size of the ice cubes has been changed, and the melon soda portion hits the tongue more clearly. You can clearly see the difference by alternating between the green and white portions. The vanilla part also has fine ice grains that melt slowly on the tongue, giving it a refreshing impression.

Lotte "Sou Melon Soda Float
Enjoy the difference in grain size between the white and green areas.

You can enjoy that pleasant feeling you get when you drop the vanilla ice cream topping of a melon soda float served at a coffee shop into the melon soda and let it melt a little before drinking it. There is no bubbling carbonation, so it has a gentle aftertaste. Unlike the melon soda float, it is also easy to pair with other drinks such as unsweetened tea or coffee.