Tully's Coffee "Royal Milk Tea Base 300ml

TULLY'S COFFEE "Royal Milk Tea Base 300ml (10.14us fl oz)"

A new product " Royal Milk Tea Base 300ml (10.14us fl oz)" is now on sale at TULLY'S COFFEE. We actually tried the product to enjoy the taste of the store easily!

Royal Milk Tea

Base 300

ml As a sister product to the highly popular Cafe au Lait Base, the Royal Milk Tea Base is now available to enjoy Tully's Coffee's longtime favorite "Royal Milk Tea" at home. It is priced at 1,188 yen (tax included).

Tully's Coffee "Royal Milk Tea Base 300ml

This is a liquid type unsweetened black tea base that does not contain flavors and allows you to experience the original taste and aroma of black tea. The developers selected Malawian black tea, which is characterized by its bright red color, and blended it with tea leaves that accentuate the astringency and aroma.

The tea liquid is extracted more intensely by repeated leaching of new tea leaves, rather than by the common method of boiling and concentrating tea leaves. It is made using a special process that locks in the aroma (flavor components) by distilling only the aromatic components from new tea leaves.

Unsweetened black tea base simply by mixing with milk

. Simply pour approximately 30 ml of royal milk tea base and 150 ml of milk into a cup. The content is 300 ml, so you can enjoy about 10 cups with one bottle of the base. The scale on the side of the package makes it easy to see how much is needed for one cup.

Tully's Coffee "Royal Milk Tea Base 300ml

The strong flavor of the black tea and the mild milk combine to create a rich taste. The full-bodied, slightly astringent, rich aroma spreads out in unison. The taste is clean without sweetness, yet rich and satisfying.

Tully's Coffee "Royal Milk Tea Base 300ml

The sweetness can be adjusted to taste. Different sweeteners such as sugar, honey, condensed milk, and syrups can be used to achieve different results. You can also use soy or nut milk instead of milk.

The tea base is also delicious over vanilla ice cream. You can enjoy the blissful taste of the sweetness of the ice cream mixed with the astringency of the tea.

Tully's Coffee "Royal Milk Tea Base 300ml

On the back of the package, you will find a code to view arrangement recipes. Whether you prefer to drink it simply or add your own twist to it, this is a great product for tea lovers who can enjoy it in a variety of ways with just one bottle.