New Starbucks "Waffle Sandwich Bacon and Egg Cheese".

Starbucks New Food Waffle Sand

wich Bacon Egg Cheese Starbucks has launched a spring promotion that offers a new world of retro American-inspired pop. We tried the new food "Waffle Sandwich Bacon and Egg Cheese". Priced at 555 yen to-go and 565 yen for in-store use.

Waffle Sandwich Bacon and


Cheese "Waffle Sandwich Bacon and Egg Cheese" is a slightly sweet waffle sandwich with salty bacon, egg, and cheese. The sweet and savory taste is addictive. Perfect for mornings and lunches.

New Starbucks "Waffle Sandwich Bacon and Egg Cheese".

The waffles are served warm, so they are soft and fluffy! You can enjoy the subtle sweetness of the soft dough as you bite into it. The waffle is filled with bacon, eggs, and cheese. The richness of the melted cheese and the saltiness of the bacon. And the crispy egg. You can enjoy sweet and salty at the same time, and this waffle sandwich is so good you could eat it every day! It is recommended for a light lunch or as a snack. It goes great with coffee, too!

Once you try it, you'll be hooked! Starbucks new food "Waffle Sandwich Bacon Egg Cheese". You have to try it!