Kracie Foods "European Waffle Sandwich Caramel

Kracie Foods "European W

affle Sandwich Caramel" Kracie Foods' European brand will release "European Waffle Sandwich Caramel" on February 20. It will be available at convenience stores nationwide in limited quantities.

European Waffle Sandwich


Rich caramel ice cream coated with milky smooth caramel chocolate and sandwiched between crispy waffles. With just the right amount of bitterness and exquisite sweetness to satisfy to the end, it has a luxurious taste unique to the limited edition flavor.

Kracie Foods "European Waffle Sandwich Caramel

The trinity of the caramel ice cream made with caramel paste, the crispy waffle unique to the sandwich, which is different from the cone, and the caramel chocolate coating that goes well with the waffle, makes for a delicious combination. You can enjoy a satisfying dessert time.

Product name: European Waffle Sandwich Caramel
Content: 85ml (2.87us fl oz)
Release date: February 20
Distribution channel: Convenience stores nationwide

European Sugar


European Sugar Cone was born in 1986 with the concept of "bringing the ice cream cone from the ice cream stores on the streets of Europe to Japanese homes. The concept of the European Sugar Cone was born in 1986 with the aim of "bringing the ice cream cone found in European street corner ice cream shops to Japanese homes. The first bite is soft ice cream and crispy chocolate, and as you continue eating, you reach the waffle sugar cone, which is a delicious balance of the cone, ice cream, and chocolate.

European Sugar Cone" series

As of February 2023, the four products in the "European Sugar Cone" series are available at supermarkets, drugstores, and convenience stores. The "European Waffle Sandwich" series is also sold together.