Kyobashi Sembikiya "Large Strawberry Menu"
(All images are from the Kyobashi Sembikiya official website)

It was announced on the official website that the "Large Strawberry Menu" will appear at Kyobashi Sembikiya. It will be available at some stores from January 14th. In addition, another menu will be prepared at the Atre Ebisu store.

Large strawberry menu

Kyobashi Sembikiya "Large Strawberry Menu"

The large strawberry menu includes "Large strawberry parfait", "Large strawberry mini parfait [with set drink]", "Large strawberry sandwich", "Large strawberry waffle", and "Large strawberry half waffle [with set drink]".

Large strawberry parfait

"Large strawberry parfait" uses large strawberry whose variety and production area change depending on the season. Details will be explained by the store staff. The selling price is 2,970 yen (tax included, same below).

Large strawberry mini parfait [with set drink]

"Large strawberry mini-pafe [with set drink]" is also available. The selling price is 2,970 yen.

Large strawberry sandwich

"Large Strawberry Sandwich" is a product that uses four large strawberries along with cream. The selling price is 2,310 yen.

Large strawberry waffle

"Large strawberry waffles" are also available. The selling price is 2,860 yen.

Large strawberry half waffle [with set drink]

You can also order "Large Strawberry Half Waffle [with set drink]". The selling price is 2,860 yen.

The stores that handle the large strawberry menu are as follows.

・ Kyobashi Main Store ・ First Avenue Tokyo Station Store ・ Marunouchi Building Store ・ Omotesando Harajuku Store ・ Atre Ueno Store ・ Daimaru Tokyo 3F Parlor ・ Odakyu Shinjuku Main Building 6F Parlor ・ Tobu Ikebukuro 6F Parlor ・ Odakyu Fujisawa 5F Parlor ・ Odakyu Department Store Machida Store

Atre Ebisu store large strawberry menu

Kyobashi Sembikiya "Large Strawberry Menu"

Atre Ebisu store has a different menu. "Large strawberry parfait" (2,970 yen), "Half large strawberry parfait [with set drink]" (2,970 yen), "Large strawberry waffle" (2,860 yen), "Half large strawberry waffle [with set drink]" (2,860 yen) ), "Large strawberry sandwich" (2,310 yen) will be prepared.