Original "Chiikawa" limited edition capsule toys for six brands including Gusto

Limited Original Capsule Toys for

Cheeky Cakes Cheeky Cakes will be available as limited original capsule toys for orders of lucky sets at 6 brands (Gusto, Bamiyan, Shabuyo, Jonathan, Yumean, and Steak Gusto). Limited quantities.


Limited Original Capsule Toy

Chiikawa, who is extremely popular and won the Grand Prix of Japan Character Award 2022, will join the capsule toys of SUKAIRAKU. A total of seven types of original goods will be available to keep the "Chiikawas" company at all times.

The original "Chiikawa" toys, which are popular among people of all ages, can be messed around with for 200 yen including tax, even if you do not order a lucky set.

Eligible menu items are those with a "with toy" icon. For To go and delivery, eligible menu items and whether or not a capsule toy is included differ depending on the brand.

Push Pop

" collection (3 types)

Push Pops, which are addictive and stress-relieving when pushed, are now available in "Chikka" form. The collection consists of three types: "Chikka," "Hachiware," and "Usagi.

Push Pop" collection (3 types)

Original goods that can be used in various situations and can always be together with "


". Rubber charm, marker charm, rubber bangle, and bookmark magnet.

Tiny and Cute" collection (4 types)

Capsule toys are intended for ages 3 and up.
* Will be replaced by other toys as soon as they are sold out.
* The toys that will be replaced vary from store to store.