Montale "Creamy Dolce Tiramisu" and "Creamy Dolce Chocolate
Creamy Dolce, Tiramisu, Creamy Dolce, Chocolate

Creamy Dolce

Tiramisu" and "Creamy Dolce Chocolate

" Cupcakes from Mont-Terre "Creamy Dolce Tiramisu" and "Creamy Dolce Chocolate" will be available from Mont-Terre. They will be available at supermarkets nationwide from March 1, 2023.

The concept is to create sweets that can be easily enjoyed as a "small reward" for oneself at the end of a busy day of work or housework. A rich and smooth cream is piled generously on top of the sponge dough to give you a sense of satisfaction and a moment of relaxation. The "Tiramisu," which means "cheer up," and the popular "chocolate" flavor are available in two flavors, each of which can be enjoyed to your heart's content along with the cream.

Creamy Dolce


"Creamy Dolce Tiramisu" is a cupcake with chocolate batter soaked in bittersweet coffee syrup and layered with smooth cheese cream. The cheese cream is richly flavored with Hokkaido mascarpone and homemade custard, with a hint of salt to give it an elegant sweetness.

MONTAIR "Creamy Dolce Tiramisu
Creamy Dolce Tiramisu

The syrup is made with bitter coffee extract and a small amount of espresso liqueur, which gives it a bittersweet and flavorful coffee taste. The rich cheese cream flavor is complemented by the bittersweet coffee taste and cocoa powder topping, allowing you to enjoy the cream until the very last bite.

The price is 259 yen (tax included), 318 yen in Okinawa only. The product will go on sale on March 1, 2023.

MONTAIR "Creamy Dolce Tiramisu
Creamy Dolce Tiramisu Package

Creamy Dolce


"Creamy Dolce Choco" is made with a soft and light chocolate dough topped with a generous amount of chocolate cream. The smooth chocolate cream is flavored with Negritarum rum for an elegant aroma, and the rich and fragrant chocolate cream can be enjoyed in abundance.

MONTAIR "Creamy Dolce Chocolate
Creamy Dolce Chocolate

The price is 259 yen, 318 yen for Okinawa only. The product will be on sale from March 1 to April 30, 2023.

Montale "Creamy Dolce Chocolate" package
Creamy Dolce Chocolate Package