McDonald's "A Bite of Churros

McDonald's "Hitokuchi Churros"

"Hitokuchi Churros" will be available at McDonald's restaurants from Wednesday, February 22 until late March (except at some restaurants). The popular hot treat, which was sold for a limited time last year and was very popular, will be available again.



are a hot sweet with a savory, crispy dough and melt-in-your-mouth chocolate cream, and first appeared in February 2022.

This time, the texture of the dough has been renewed to a crispy, fluffy dough. This time, the texture of the dough has been renewed to be crispy and fluffy, allowing the chocolate cream to be enjoyed more as one with the dough. Continuing from last year, caramel powder has been added to the dough as a secret ingredient to add a slight savory flavor.

McDonald's "A Bite of Churros

Each box contains 4 pieces, and is easy to snack on. They can be eaten with one hand, so they can be enjoyed in a variety of situations, such as as an after-dinner dessert, a snack between work or study, or as a companion on a road trip.

The churros are offered in limited-quantity packages (four types in total) with original Hitokuchi Churros design motifs, such as the cute, corocollo shape and the flower-like cross-sectional shape. The product will be discontinued as soon as it is gone.

McDonald's "A Bite of Churros

Priced from 260 yen (tax included). In-store prices vary at some stores. Prices differ for delivery.