MONTAIR "Gâteau Pistache
Gâteau Pistache (All images source: Montale's official website)

MONTAIR Gâteau Pistache

Monteir has announced on its official website that "Gâteau Pistache" is now available as a limited-edition pistachio-based sweet for Valentine's Day from February 4 to 14, 2023, at supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide. The pistachio flavor is rich in flavor and has a sweet, sweet and sour taste.

Gâteau Pistache" is a


cake with a rich pistachio flavor and the sweet and sour taste of berries, according to Montail. White chocolate pistachio cream is combined with berry paste and gently rolled in a fluffy dough with pistachio paste kneaded into it. It is a product that can be enjoyed during the Valentine's season.

MONTAIR "MONTAIR Gâteau Pistache
Gâteau Pistache Package

The sales period is subject to change. Sales areas may vary depending on regional conditions. The calorie count is 703 kcal per package.