Aeon "Cake Shop's Eboshi Rolls"

Aeon "Setsubun Roll Cakes"

Three types of "Setsubun Roll Cakes" are now available from Aeon's sweets series "Select Sweets. They will be sold at the chilled dessert section of the food section of approximately 400 Aeon and Aeon Style stores in Honshu and Shikoku from February 1 (Wed) to February 3 (Fri).

Oni no pants-printed mini ehomaki roll with milk cream

A ready-to-eat size roll cake made of a chunky dough with a tiger pattern, which is reminiscent of an ogre's pants, and rich milk cream. Compact and one-handed size that fits in one hand, it is recommended to eat the whole thing facing the direction of blessings like a ehoumaki (a roll with the shape of an ogre's underpants). Priced at 181.44 yen (tax included).

Aeon "Oni no pants pattern mini ehomaki roll with milk cream

Cocoa dough mini ehoumaki roll with ganache

A cocoa dough with a chunky black texture like the seaweed used in ehoumaki, combined with rich cream and cacao-scented chocolate ganache, makes this roll cake a perfect size to eat. Priced at 181.44 yen (tax included).

Aeon "Cocoa Dough Mini Ehomaki Roll with Ganache

Cake Shop's Ebomaki

: A roll cake made with black cocoa dough, which is reminiscent of the seaweed used to make the Ebomaki, rolled with luxurious vanilla-infused whipped cream and rich custard cream. Recommended as a dessert to be shared with the family after eating the ehoumaki. Priced at 429.84 yen (tax included).

Aeon "Cake Shop's Eboshi Rolls"

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