Calbee "Otsumami Jagarico Beef Tongue Salt Sauce Flavor

Otsumami Jagarico Beef

Tongue Salt Sauce Flavor

A new product from Calbee's "Otsumami Jagarico" series for snacks that go well with alcohol, "Otsumami Jagarico Beef Tongue Salt Sauce Flavor" is now on sale. The product is available at convenience stores for a limited time only. The product has a content of 38g (1.34oz) and is expected to be available at an estimated price of around 150 yen (tax included).

The "Otsumami Jagarico Beef Tongue Salt Sauce Flavor" is coated with "salt sauce" that goes well with beef tongue, using a unique "Otsumami Jagarico" manufacturing method. The decision to create this new flavor was made based on the fact that the garlic used in the salt sauce is compatible with the coating process and that the first "Jagarico Negi-Shio-Dare Flavor" released in 2015 was very popular.

The flavor of the salt sauce with green onions and garlic can be felt as soon as it enters the mouth, followed by the delicious taste of beef tongue and the seared flavor that spreads in the mouth, making it a perfect match with beer.



"OTSUMAMI JAGARIKO" is a snack stick that pursues the taste that makes beer go down the palate. The regular "Jagarico" is flavored by kneading flavors into the steamed potato dough, but "Otsumami Jagarico" is further flavored through a coating process, giving it a deep taste with a two-step seasoning process.