Calbee "Otsumami Jagariko: Garlic Soy Sauce Karaage Flavor

Calbee has relaunched its "Otona no Jagarico" series for snacks that go well with alcohol as "Otsu-Mami Jagarico. The first new product, "Otsumami Jagarico with Garlic Soy Sauce Karaage Flavor," has been available at convenience stores since June 20. The product will go on sale on July 11 for nonconvenience stores.

Otsamami Jagarico: Karaage Flavor with Garlic and Soy Sauce

Otona no Jagarico" was launched in 2020 and has been well received as "Jagarico that can be enjoyed as a snack or a nibble. This time, targeting the growing demand for home-drinking, the series has been improved to "a snack stick that makes beer go down a treat. The series has also been renamed "Otsumami Jagarico.

The first product in the series is "Otsumami Jagarico with Garlic Soy Sauce Karaage Flavor". The original flavor of karaage is reproduced using the unique "Jagarico" kneading process. The guttural aroma of garlic and the taste of soy sauce and karaage that spreads in your mouth will make your beer go down a treat. This product makes it easy to enjoy the authentic taste of a dish from an izakaya (Japanese style pub).

The package is in the form of a stand-up pack with a zipper that allows you to enjoy just the right amount whenever you want, and is easy to place on your desk and convenient for carrying around. The large photo of a fried chicken in the center of the package whets the appetite. The package contains 38 g of karaage and is priced at around 150 yen (including tax).