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Mazenobi Cheese Sauce Stock

House Foods will release "Mazenobi Cheese Sauce Stock". The product will go on sale on February 13. The product will be available for sale on February 13, 2012, in a 67g (2.36oz) package at a suggested retail price of 258 yen (excluding tax).


Cheese Sauce Mixture "Mazenobi Cheese Sauce Mixture" is a fun and easy way to make a thick cheese sauce by simply pouring hot water over the granules and mixing. It is an easy way to upgrade the appearance and taste of your regular menu items.

During development, it took time to develop a new technology (patent pending) that allows the cheese sauce to thicken like melted cheese simply by dissolving the granules in hot water, and to maintain its thick consistency even after it cools down. If the thickness is too strong, it will be difficult to handle as a cheese sauce, so we adjusted the thickness to be just right for pouring or adding to various menus, while keeping the image of melted cheese in mind.

The flavor of cheese varies from one type to another, but many people cannot eat cheese if it is too strong, so we took great pains to create a mild, rich cheese flavor that is easy for both children and adults to enjoy.

The recipe is simple. Simply put all the contents of the bag into a high container such as a cocotte dish or mug, pour boiling water (100 ml) and stir well for 30 seconds to 1 minute immediately. The sauce is ready when the grains dissolve and the sauce becomes a thick, melty sauce.