Yaki Darth" from Morinaga Seika Co.

Morinaga Seika Yaki Darth

Morinaga Seika will sell "Yaki Darth" as a new series of "DARS" brand milk-based granulated chocolate. The product will go on sale on April 4. It will be available for sale on April 4, 2012, in a 36g (1.27oz) package at an open price.



"Yaki Darth" is a product that allows customers to enjoy the taste of "Darth [Milk]" while taking advantage of Morinaga's baking technology. Because it is baked, it does not melt when held in the hand. Therefore, it is easy to carry and enjoy chocolate anytime, anywhere without worrying about melting or having to worry about contaminating your hands or surroundings.

The pouch with a zipper makes it easy to carry. The product is also the target of the "DARS x Nogizaka46's Shiwo Present Campaign Vol. 2".

The new DARS brand product "Yaki DARS" is a great snack to take with you while working, studying, or working. It's nice that they don't get your hands dirty. Why not stock up on them?