Pastel "Eboshi Roll

Pastel "Ke

iho Roll" Sweets brand Pastel will sell "Keiho Roll," a roll cake perfect for Setsubun, for three days only from February 1 (Wed.) to February 3 (Fri.). The price is 600 yen per piece (tax included).


Rolls Keiho Rolls, inspired by the "ehomaki" roll cake that "rolls in good fortune," is a popular annual product that has been on sale for 11 years this year. The soft and fluffy sponge cake is filled with whipped cream, custard, and strawberries.

The seaweed is made of cocoa-flavored crepe dough. The sweet and sour taste of the strawberries and the smooth cream combine to create a gentle flavor. How about tasting Pastel's "Eboshi Roll" while making a wish and facing "south southeast," the direction of blessing this year?

Some stores do not carry this product.
Please check with the store in advance as quantities are limited.
Sales period is subject to change without notice.


Pastel is a brand of sweets well-known for its "Smooth Pudding. Pastel's signature products, including colorful cup desserts, are used as souvenirs and gifts for a wide range of occasions.

Pastel "Smooth Pudding

The signature product "Smooth Pudding," launched in 1993, is characterized by the richness of cream and egg yolk and smooth texture, different from traditional custard pudding. It became a breakout hit in 1998 thanks to word-of-mouth reviews and celebrity TV introductions, and was the catalyst for the "Smooth Pudding Boom" that followed.