Bandai Candy Division "Chiikawa Collection Card Gummies 3
(Image taken from the official website)

Chiikawa Collection Card


Bandai Candy Division will release Chiikawa Collection Card Gummies 3. Priced at 121 yen per bag (tax included), the product will go on sale around May 2023.

Chii-Kawa Collection Card Gummies


"Chii-Kawa Collection Card Gummies 3" is the third batch of tray gummies with "Chii-Kawa" collection cards. A total of 30 types of glittering cards offer plenty of charm of the characters.

In addition to character cards, story cards, photo collection cards, and Nakayoshi cards, there are also new song cards! These cute cards remind you of the unique songs of the Chiikawas. Some of the character cards will also include more sparkling rare cards.

All four types of tray gummies have been renewed with new popular characters as well as Chiikawa, Hachiware, and Usagi! The flavor is soda.

The card lineup is as follows

1. 10 character cards (normal)
2. 3 character cards (rare)
3. 1 character card (hyper rare)
4. 3 story cards
5. 4 photo collection cards
6. 5 friendship cards
7. 4 song cards

(C) nagano / chiikawa committee