Bandai "Chiikawa Collection Card Gummies 2".

Bandai Candy Division will release Chiikawa Collection Card Gummies 2, to be released around November 2022. Priced at 110 yen per piece (tax included).

Chii-Kawa Collection Card Gummies 2

Chii-Ka Collection Card Gummies 2" are the second batch of tray gummies with "Chii-Ka" collection cards. A total of 30 sparkling cards with plenty of character charms. In addition to character cards, world cards, and story cards, the lineup also includes "Photo Collection Cards," which are cards with photos taken by the Chiikawas, and "Nakayoshi Cards," filled with the Chiikawas' good friendship. Some of the character cards include rarer cards that sparkle more. The gummy trays come in a total of four varieties in the shape of cute little Kawawas. They are grape flavor.

1. 10 character cards (normal)
2. 3 character cards (rare)
3. 1 character card (Hyper Rare)
4. 1 character card (secret)
5. 2 World cards
6. 4 Story Cards
7. 4 kinds of Photo Collection Cards
8. 5 kinds of "Nakayoshi" cards

(C)nagano / chiikawa committee