Caramel Corn that Tastes Like Soft Ice Cream" from Ministop

Ministop will sell "Caramel Corn that Tastes Like Soft Ice Cream," a candy that tastes like popular soft-serve vanilla ice cream. The price is 138.24 yen (tax included).

Caramel Corn that Tastes Like Soft Ice Cream

The "Soft Cream Caramel Corn," a soft-serve ice cream vanilla-flavored version of the popular "caramel corn" snack for people of all ages, was launched in October last year and has been well received. This year, it has been renewed to be even tastier and more interesting. The use of a cool flavoring adds to the enjoyment of eating soft-serve ice cream. Soft and crispy! You can enjoy the texture of soft ice cream that melts in your mouth.

The amount of "fresh cream manufactured in Hokkaido," the same ingredient used for soft-serve ice cream vanilla, has been increased. The result is a smoother, richer flavor.