Tohato "Caramel Corn / Strong Matcha Flavor" "Harvest / Uji Matcha" "All Azuki / Dark Matcha Tailoring" "Salty / Matcha" etc.

Four matcha-flavored sweets from Tohato are now available. "Caramel corn / dark matcha flavor" "Harvest / Uji matcha" "Harvest fruit sand / matcha & raisins" "All azuki / dark matcha tailoring" "Family size all assorted raisins & azuki / dark matcha tailoring" "Salty / matcha" It will be on sale from January 10, 2022.

Caramel corn, strong matcha flavor

Tohato "Caramel Corn / Strong Matcha Flavor"

"Dark matcha flavor" caramel corn with reduced sweetness and a strong aroma and deep matcha flavor. "Uji Matcha" is used, which is characterized by its deep sweetness and rich flavor after astringency. The estimated price is 132 yen (tax included, same below).

Harvest Uji Matcha

Tohato "Harvest Uji Matcha"

Lightly baked biscuits made by kneading stone milled Uji matcha into the dough to create a deep flavor that gives you the astringency and umami of matcha. Uses 50% of stone milled Uji matcha (in matcha). The biscuits, which are baked to a thickness of only 3 mm, are made by thinly stretching the dough that is folded in multiple layers, and this layer of dough creates a unique crispy and light texture. The estimated price is 153 yen.

Harvest Fruit Sand, Matcha & Raisins

Tohato "Harvest Fruit Sand, Matcha & Raisins"

Rich and mellow matcha cream and raisins made from stone milled Uji matcha are sandwiched with matcha-flavored "harvest" raisin sand. Sweet and sour raisins enhance the flavor of matcha. Uses 10% of stone milled Uji matcha (in matcha). The estimated price is 287 yen.

All Azuki / Dark Matcha Tailoring

Tohato "All Azuki / Dark Matcha Tailoring"

A cookie that is carefully simmered with the skin and has a moist texture, sprinkled with Uji matcha from Kyoto prefecture, ground with a stone mill, and sandwiched between the dough. The flavor of fragrant Uji matcha ground with a stone mill spreads in your mouth. 80% of Uji matcha from Kyoto prefecture is used (in matcha). The estimated price is 188 yen.

Family size all assorted raisins & azuki / dark matcha tailoring

Tohato "Family size all assorted raisins & azuki bean, dark matcha tailoring"

6 bags of "All Raisins" with plenty of mellow raisins sandwiched in 2 pieces, 5 bags of "All Azuki / Dark Matcha Tailoring" with plenty of dark matcha-style red beans in a total of 11 Assorted packs packed in bags. The estimated price is 368 yen.

Salty Matcha

Tohato "Salty Matcha"

A cookie with a crisp texture that is made by kneading Uji matcha into the dough and baking it with a rich flavor. You can enjoy the delicious taste of the bittersweet matcha that is complemented by "Guérande's salt" (14% in salt) from Brittany, France. The estimated price is 214 yen.