Cleat "Caramel Corn Chocolate Coat"

Cleat sells "Caramel Corn Chocolate Coat" in collaboration with "Caramel Corn" sold by Tohato. The content is 30g (1.06oz) and the price is open. Winter limited product.

Caramel corn chocolate coat

"Caramel corn chocolate coat" is a caramel corn coated with plenty of special chocolate. The inside is fluffy and the outside is crispy, and the light texture with a nice texture is addictive. "Caramel Corn-kun," which is the symbol of caramel corn, is finished in a catchy design with the image of chocolate.

Caramel corn

"Caramel corn" is a snack that has a habit of combining crispy milk caramel-flavored sweet corn puffs and salt-flavored roasted peanuts. In 2020, we reviewed the manufacturing method and composition of "corn puff", "caramel syrup", and "roasted peanut", and renewed it even more deliciously. Tohato's long-selling product, which is loved by generations, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.