Magical CHOCOLAT "Little Devil Sweets Chocolate", "Little Sassy Caramel Chocolate", "Elegant White Chocolate".

LAWSON STORE100: Three Kinds of Cracked Chocolates in the "Magical Chocolat" Series

LAWSON STORE100 will sell three kinds of cracked chocolates in the "Magical Chocolat" series: "Little Devil Sweets Chocolates," "Cheeky Caramel Chocolates," and "Elegant White Chocolates. Chocolate" and "Elegant White Chocolate. They will go on sale on January 25. Each type is priced at 214 yen (tax included).

Magical Chocolat


The "Magical Chocolat" series is a series of luxurious bite-sized cracked chocolates topped with carefully selected dried fruits and cookies that are both pleasing to the eye and the palate. The series offers not only the aroma and taste of chocolate, but also the luxurious texture and material of the toppings.

The chocolate is not cut by machine, but by hand, so each time you buy the chocolate, you will see a different shape of chocolate. The name "devilish chocolat" means "people who eat it will be seduced by its deliciousness" and "people will become addicted to it.

The "devil

's chocolat" is a sweet chocolate with

cranberry, orange peel, and coconut toppings on bitter chocolate. The combination of the lightly sweetened bitter chocolate and orange peel is outstanding. The texture of the coconut is delightful in this elegant chocolate.

Magic CHOCOLAT Little Devil Sweets Chocolate

Magical Chocolat Cheeky Caramel Chocolate

Caramel flavored chocolate topped with banana chips and cocoa cookies. The mildly sweet caramel chocolate and savory banana chips give it a gentle taste. The cocoa cookies accentuate this exciting chocolate.

Magic CHOCOLAT Cheeky Caramel Chocolate

MAGIC CHOCOLAT Elegant white chocolate

White chocolate topped with raisins, strawberry dice and cranberries. The mellow white chocolate and the luxurious berries on top fill your mouth with the flavor of this cute and lovely looking chocolate.

Magical CHOCOLAT Elegant White Chocolate