Godiva "Fluffy Chocolat Danish" and "Orange-scented Chocolat Roll
Two New Breads in the GODIVA Boulangerie Series

GODIVA Boulangerie

Fluffy Chocolat Danish

and Orange-Scented Chocolat Roll The new "Fluffy Chocolat Danish" and "Orange-Scented Chocolat Roll" from the "GODIVA Boulangerie" series, bread with the essence of chocolatiers developed by GODIVA, will be available at some stores from January 6. They will be available in limited quantities at select stores from January 6.


Chocolat Danish "Fluffy Chocolat Danish" has chocolate spread kneaded into the Danish dough, Belgian chocolate chips are folded in, and the danish is softly baked. It is simple, but you can feel the aromatic chocolate.

When baked, it has a crispy outside and a fluffy inside. Enjoy it with the family for a luxurious holiday breakfast. Since it is not too sweet, it is recommended that you add jam or honey if you like. The price is 1,620 yen (tax included).

Godiva "Fluffy Chocolate Danish".
Soft chocolate Danish

Orange-scented Chocolat


"Orange-scented Chocolat Roll" is an orange-scented bread roll baked with chocolate spread and coated with dark chocolate. The topping is accented with roasted almonds. It is also flavored with orange. It can be enjoyed with coffee or tea. The price is 572 yen.

Godiva "Orange-scented Chocolat Roll
Orange-scented Chocolat Roll

Godiva Daimaru Shinsaibashi store, Godiva Daimaru Kobe store, Godiva Daimaru Umeda store, and Godiva Daimaru Fukuoka Tenjin store will start selling them in mid-January.