Komeda Coffee Shop "Shiro Noir with Orange and Ogura An An" Orange Page Collaboration Menu

Komeda Coffee Shop and Japanese Cafe Okagean will sell "Orange and Ogura An An Shironoir" and "Orange and Ogura An Cronaige" from the Orange Page collaboration menu.

Both of these items feature an unexpected combination of Japanese and Western ingredients, including a special "orange sauce" and rich "chocolate sauce" combined with "Ogura-an" (sweet bean paste). The sweet and sour taste combined with the rich sweetness is said to be a "blissful taste.

Shironoir with Orange and Ogura An An

The soft and crispy Danish bread is filled with sweet Ogura-an (sweet bean paste) and rich chocolate sauce, creating a perfect balance of flavors and a chic "slightly mature taste.

Prices range from 780 to 840 yen at Komeda Coffee Shop and 870 to 880 yen at Okagedan (tax included). Prices vary by store. A mini-size "Mini Shiro Noir with Orange and Ogura An An" is also available.

Orange and Ogura An An An Cronage

Komeda Coffee Shop "Orange and Ogura An An An (sweet bean paste) Cronage" Orange Page Collaboration Menu

The same combination is used as a topping for "cronage," a cocoa-flavored baumkuchen with a fluffy texture. Prices range from 680 to 740 yen. Prices vary depending on the store. Not available at Okagean.