New "Craft Boss Truffle Chocolat Latte

Craft Boss


"Craft Boss Truffle Chocolat Latte" will be available for a limited time as a new addition to the "Craft Boss" lineup. It will go on sale on January 24, 2023, at a price of 190 yen per 500 ml (excluding tax, the same below).

Craft Boss Truffle Chocolat


The multi-layered, luxurious flavor is achieved by blending Craft Boss' special coffee with chocolate and vanilla flavors. In addition, fresh cream from Hokkaido is used to create a creamy, mellow mouthfeel.

New "Craft Boss Truffle Chocolat Latte

The packaging features a "bumpy bottle," which is as particular and clear as a glass bottle and has a bumpy texture that feels good in the hand, and three types of labels with Valentine's Day-inspired coloring and elegant, cute designs. The design is a gorgeous one that is typical of the limited-time-only flavors.

Boss Cafe Base


Mocha Boss Cafe Base Cafe Mocha, a concentrated beverage that was very popular the year before last and last year, has been re-launched. As in the past, the new product has a rich chocolate aroma and a full-bodied flavor. The 340 ml package is priced at 278 yen.

New "Boss Cafe Base Cafe Mocha

My Melody

and Kuromi's

Valentine's Day Recipes

: Using the two products released on the same day, the "Craft Boss Truffle Chocolate Latte" and "Cafe Base Cafe Mocha" are mixed to create a "Forbidden Little Devil Latte" that can be enjoyed with toppings just like those found in a cafe. Valentine's Day recipes will be promoted on the official Café Base Instagram and in stores.

My Melody Kuromi Recommended Valentine's Day Recipes