Honey Chicken" pack and "Hot Chicken" pack of Lotteria's "Chicken Potatoes" pack

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Chicken Potato Kara Pack" Lotteria will sell the To go-only "Chicken Potato Kara Pack" from Monday, November 28 to Wednesday, December 14 (except at some stores).

Chicken Potato


Lotteria has developed products and campaigns to commemorate its 50th anniversary. As part of the campaign, a limited time only "Chicken Potato Kara Pack" will be available for To go only, which allows customers to enjoy Lotteria's popular chicken burgers at a discounted price during this time of year when Christmas and the end of the year are approaching.

Present the coupon from the official Lotteria website at the cash register when ordering to receive a discount on the "Hanichiki" and "Hot Chicken" To go packs.

The "Honey Chiki"


includes "Honey Mustard Chicken Fillet Burger", "French Fried Potato S", and "Chicken Karaageetto (3 pieces)". The regular price is ¥660 (8% tax included) instead of ¥835.

Lotteria's "Chicken Potatoes from Chicken Potato Pack" "Honey Chicken" pack

The "Honey Mustard Chicken Fillet Burger" is a 90-gram fried chicken sandwich made from a single fillet of "Yonedori" chicken (chicken breast meat) raised on feed containing rice. The spicy, spicy Lotteria original batter with Cajun spices makes the inside juicy and soft, and the outside crispy and crunchy.

Topped with a slightly spicy honey mustard sauce made with Argentine honey. Lettuce, sliced onions, and mayo sauce are sandwiched between a fluffy, chewy wheat bun.

Hot Chicken" pack

: A set of "Crazy Hot Chicken Fillet Burger," "French Fries S," and "Chicken Karaageetto (3-pack). The regular price is ¥680 (including 8% tax) instead of ¥855.

Hot Chicken" pack of Chicken Potatoes from Lotteria

The "Crazy Hot Chicken Filet Burger" is approximately 90 grams of fried chicken topped with a generous amount of "Sriracha Sauce," a chili sauce originating in Thailand. It is sandwiched between lettuce, sliced onions, mayo sauce, and a wheat bun.